StatsCraft is back! StatsCraft 2019 will be held in May, stay tuned!

About Statscraft

This conference is all about making monitoring easier, more accessible and more productive

Monitoring is important. Without monitoring, there can be no feedback, no planning and no improvement. Monitoring is crucial for detecting problems, optimizing performance, capacity planning, improving user experience, improving business impact... the list goes on an on. Yet in many companies, monitoring is an afterthought, neglected and underrated. Companies spend very little time and effort on it, create bad monitoring and then go on to ignore the data they collected completely. We often hear that "monitoring is hard" - and it can be, unless we do something about it.

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Organizing Committee

This conference is a community effort by and for people who do monitoring daily and care about monitoring. The organizing committee are all volunteers and sponsorships cover the direct costs of the conference.


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